luca faoro

italian hairstylist / colorist

tell us about your background as a stylist: 

I was trained in Italy, and I worked for two big hairstylists in Florence and Milano. I worked for fashion in the 90s like D&G -ARMANI – Versace  – Ferragamo and Moore. Educated by L’Oréal for color and all the nuances of it!

favorite food?


if you could have a superhero power, what would it be?

The one who has the power to fix the impossible.

cocktail of choice?

Old Fashion  – I love the vanilla and the tart cherry

favorite saying or quote:

You are beautiful in the way you are!

what animal would you be?

Maybe a panther, but I would like to fly too, so maybe a bird.

what do you love about kosa salon?

It’s a beautiful Salon! Well organized – professional and great location!



luca faoro italian hairstylist / colorist