jessica allen

salon coordinator

what drives you?

My loved ones and innate desire to be of service.

what makes you smile?

Waking up! Ha! A good cup of coffee, sunrise, a hug from my honey, sound of food hitting a hot pan of oil, crisp air in fall, my nieces and nephews…many things make me smile. I’m surrounded by a lot of beauty on a daily basis.

favorite rock star?

I’ve been digging some Taylor Swift lately.

dinner with anyone, who would it be?

Jordan Peterson

favorite saying or quote:

Closed mouths don’t get fed.

what do you like to do for playtime?

Go to the farmer’s market, buy some products, go home and create a new dish.

what animal would you be?


what do you love about kosa salon?

The people. Everyone here is very genuine, kind, and love their craft.

Jessica Allen, salon coordinator at Kosa Salon San Francisco, with curly hair wearing a beige sweater stands behind a wooden counter, with elegant hanging lights and brick